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Overview and trends report of skin care market

Simon Pitman will be presenting analysis from the Cosmetics Design team combined with the latest research from leading market research companies. The webinar will review the latest trends affecting all aspects of the skin care category on both a global and regional level and will also give careful consideration on how this is all impacting the ingredients and formation arena.


Busy life? How do you support your skin to follow the rhythm?

After a busy day, a jetlag, a hectic day with children, you always find the energy to become strong again and…to re-start! What about your skin?

CODIF Technologie Naturelle offers a review of how busy life can dramatically impact skin ageing, reactivity, and slimming mechanisms; and how we can counteract the side effects of life in High Density.


A New Approach to Environmental Stress

More than 80% of people living in urban areas are exposed to air quality that exceeds the WHO limits. Studies have shown that exposure to pollution is associated with extrinsic skin aging, accelerating a key consumer demand for anti-pollution products. Chemyunion offers a smart solution for consumer protection in the face of one of the most pressing issues in today’s society. Through it’s unique mechanism of action, this innovation demonstrates, in an unprecedented way, the ability to prevent permeation of pollution components in skin.
Enjoy the Q&A session afterwards for more information!


PROBEUTIC™ – Beauty with Probiotics

Abstract- Probiotics have gained lot of attention recently with their health benefits for human when ingested, Today we will be talking about the health benefits associated with probiotics when you take them topically. In this presentation we will be exploring what makes LactoSpore® a probiotic of choice when it comes to formulating in the skin care products. We also will be looking at the challenges, potential applications and finished products about using the probiotics in the skin care products.


Roundtable discussion on probiotics in skincare

Drawing panellists from the ingredients, distribution and market research fields, this discussion will generate a thought-provoking conversation on how the trend is evolving at the consumer level, the challenges of developing and formulating this type of product, as well as the different approaches to how brands are getting the probiotic skin care message out there.